Packing Services in Malaysia

To ensure your household or office goods arrive at your new destination without a scratch, we recommended that you start with a good packing list. Crown Movers Malaysia provide you with the necessary packing supplies and services. With these you would save a lot of time and you would be actually buying your peace of mind. Just identify the items that will require specialized packing, based on fragility, awkward shapes or large piece that are difficult to move and let us know. We will provide you with the necessary boxes and supplies to ensure your items are well protected. We also provide additional cushioning protection for fragile items such as lamps, glasses and mirrors. In addition, there are also custom made label ('Fragile', 'This end up') printed to suit your need. Mattresses could also be protected with the use of soft foam covers to avoid punctures and rips to the mattress.

Crown Movers Malaysia provide all kinds of boxes which are suitable for your house or office move. We have mini boxes, small, medium and large boxes, OPP tapes and protective wrap to meet all your needs.

Protective wraps are suitable for wrapping large items like tv, monitors, sofa and beds. Just let us know the size you need and we will cut them for you.

Bubble bags are used to protect items before they are placed in your boxes. This will ensure your items are well guarded during shipping.

We also provide high quality tapes to wrap your boxes.

We provide boxes of all sizes. Just let us know the size and amount of boxes you need.

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