Home Relocation

The best house movers in Malaysia

Moving house would be less hectic with Crown Movers Malaysia. When you hire us and entrust us with your worldly possessions, some of which that are priceless and have a sentimental value, you can take comfort and confidence that we have the ability to meet your expectations. Crown Movers Malaysia offer a competitive price with superior quality standards for local, long distance or international household move. We also provide special add-on service such as moving piano’s and valuable antiques.

We at Crown Movers Malaysia strive to provide you with the best moving experience. That’s because we help you plan and prepare for your move so that all the stress can be avoided. In fact, we want to make your move interesting, exciting and enjoyable experience! Start planning now. Just follow house expert steps to help making your house moving experience as stress free as possible.

Request for a moving quote

Start planning your move at least 6 weeks before. You may get quotes from Crown Movers Malaysia free of charge with no obligations. To provide you with a more accurate quote we can arrange for our consultants to view your location and amount of household items to move. If you don’t have the time for a consultant visit, we request your assistance to provide us with the following information:

⇒ Your potential moving date
⇒ Student Move / Room Move / House Move
⇒ Address from where you are moving from
⇒ Type of residence (Flats, Apartment, Condo, Terrace House, Bungalow)
⇒ If you require dismantling of kitchen furnitures, beds
⇒ Do you require boxes? (We only provide double walled boxes)
⇒ Do you require insurance? (If you have valuable items)
⇒ Do you require storage? (Short term, Long term)
⇒ Address to where you are moving to?
⇒ Type of residence (Flats, Apartment, Condo, Terrace House, Bungalow)
⇒ Time of day to move ( Morning, Afternoon, Weekend Only)

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are essential items to pack your belongings. Carefully select a good quality boxes as you would not want your boxes to let you down on moving day. If you are an avid reader and have a lot of books at home, ensure that books are place in small boxes rather that big boxes. There are also special boxes to fit your tv, your bicycle, mirror picture boxes and pet carrier box. In addition you may opt to get bubble wraps and good tapes to seal the boxes.

Get help to move

It’s not particularly easy to lift heavy boxes alone especially if its not something you do day in day out. Avoid serious injuries by hiring a professional movers like us. Without help, loading and unloading can be time consuming and involve a lot of trips back and forth.

Let people know you are moving

Here’s a list of some of the people you should inform when you are moving:
⇒ Water Company (Syabas, etc)
⇒ Electricity Company (TNB)
⇒ Broadband Provider (TM)
⇒ Telephone Provider (TM)
⇒ Cable TV (Astro)
⇒ Banks
⇒ Insurance Company
⇒ Inland Revenue
⇒ Local Authorities
⇒ School
⇒ Doctor
⇒ Dentist

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