Factory Relocation

Highly efficient factory relocation services

Crown Movers Malaysia specialise in moving heavy factory equipments. Our company have years of experienced dealing with factory moves especially in Penang's free trade zone to any other destinations across Malaysia. Our staff are dedicated and work hard to ensure that your equipments are moved according to the highest standards. We have all the resources to ensure that your move goes on as smooth as silk. Give us a call now and start planning your factory move with us. We'll ensure you get the best.

Our Relocation managers along with trained workers provide unmatched services. The entire relocation process is carried out smoothly and with utmost care. We use quality packing materials such as thermo-cols, cardboard sheets, gunny bags and plastic bubble etc. Our Industrial Relocation Services have been designed to meet the relocation needs and expectations of our corporate, business and industrial clients and customers. We are proud to be one of the leading relocation companies in Malaysia. We have always been providing premium quality industrial relocation assistance to various business and corporate clients.

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